达米恩·沃策尔 is the seventh president of 美高梅官方网站app. Since retiring in 2008 from a 20-year career as a principal dancer with New York City Ballet, Woetzel在艺术领导方面担任过多种角色, including artistic director of the Vail 跳舞 Festival since 2007 and director of the Aspen Institute Arts Program (2011-18). 作为独立董事, 编排, 和生产者, his recent projects include DEMO at the Kennedy Center; Spaces by Wynton Marsalis for Jazz at 林肯中心; Kennedy Center Honors tributes to Natalia Makarova, 帕特丽夏·迈克布莱德, and Carmen de Lavallade; an arts salute to Stephen Hawking for the World Science Festival; two Turnaround Arts performances at the White House and the White House 跳舞 Series hosted by Michelle Obama. Woetzel has collaborated on numerous initiatives with Yo-Yo Ma, including the Silk Road Connect program in the New York City public schools. In 2009, Woetzel became the founding director of the Jerome Robbins Foundation’s New Essential Works (NEW) Program, 谁发起资助来支持新的舞蹈作品. 总统 Obama appointed Woetzel to the 总统’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities in 2009, 他在整个奥巴马政府任职. Woetzel holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and was a visiting lecturer at Harvard Law School. He received the 2015 Harvard Arts Medal and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Woetzel是纽约城市中心的董事会成员, 为希望而唱, 以及艾娃·杜威内的ARRAY联盟.

Read the press release naming 达米恩·沃策尔 as Juilliard's seventh president


“Our commitment to our students must be to provide an evolving platform that offers them the fullest range of opportunity for their individual futures.”


自2018年就任总统以来, Woetzel has championed an institutional focus on 创造力 and equity as essential to excellence, 有两个制度支柱创造了公平, 多样性, 包容, 以及归属感和创意企业.



Noting Juilliard’s unique leadership position in the cultural sector, Woetzel将他在美高梅官方网站app的工作奉献给了公平基金, 多样性, 包容, 与归属(EDIB), which has since included the hiring of a director for EDIB Initiatives within the 总统办公室 and the establishment of an EDIB委员会.



就在总统办公室里, 创意企业 amplifies Juilliard’s unique multidisciplinary focus with a range of collaborative opportunities taking place throughout the school. Work in this area includes special projects in partnership with divisions and departments, 指导, 公共编程, 和正在进行的倡议,如 JuilliART, which brings to Juilliard a rotating series of visual art, and the 创造性的伙伴, a presidentially appointed group of artists in residence whose work exemplifies collaborative and interdisciplinary innovation.


“For our voice to be true, we must be intentional and proactive in fostering a robust inclusivity.” ——达米安·沃泽尔校长,2018年毕业典礼




The 茱莉亚学院校长奖章 was established in 2005 to honor individuals who have made in indelible impact on society and serve as significant role models at Juilliard and in the broader community. The medal itself was created by renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser.



在精选的秋季学期, Woetzel teaches a survey course titled Arts and Society open to both undergraduate and graduate level students across all divisions. The course examines the intersection of the arts and society, looking specifically at the role of the arts and artists in addressing issues facing the world today. 通过阅读清单, 案例研究, 个人和小组项目, 以及与贵宾的谈话, 本课程探讨的领域包括但不限于法律, 教育, 文学, and civic participation to consider an ideal version of a collective future, 艺术是如何, 创造力, 文化可以引领潮流. 偶尔, Arts and Society guests also participate in public facing events that celebrate and ignite creative and civic discourse at Juilliard. The Arts and Society course follows in the tradition of a course that former 总统 Joseph W. Polisi taught starting in 1993 titled American Society and the Arts. 

In 2018, 兰德里欧 新奥尔良前市长和艺术与社会的嘉宾, participated in a public event titled Voices of New Orleans with director of Juilliard Jazz Wynton Marsalis.
  • Alan Alda,演员,作家和导演
  • 伊丽莎白亚历山大, 安德鲁? W. 梅隆基金会和诗人
  • 布赖恩•Doerries 战争剧院制作的艺术总监
  • 艾娃DuVernay, 导演兼ARRAY创始人
  • 奥斯卡·尤, 公共剧院艺术总监
  • rensame Fleming(1986年,声乐/歌剧), 女高音和《美高梅官方网站app》的创作者
  • 珍妮·苏克·格森 (Pre-College '91, piano), professor of law at Harvard University
  • Vijay古普塔 (Pre-College '02, violin), violinist and founder of Street Symphony
  • 约翰·赫金波坦(BFA ' 93,舞蹈), 跳舞 Heginbotham的创始人和跳舞 for PD的联合创始人
  • 莎拉•约翰逊 卡内基音乐厅威尔音乐学院的主任
  • 兰德里欧 新奥尔良前市长
  • 莎拉•刘易斯 associate professor of 历史 of Arts and Architecture and African and African American Studies at Harvard University
  • 埃里克·刘 公民大学的联合创始人兼首席执行官
  • Yo-Yo Ma (Pre-College ’71; Professional Studies ’72, cello), 大提琴家和人道主义者
  • 罗伯特•Schenkkan 剧作家、编剧和演员
  • 卡罗琳·肖 Juilliard Creative Associate and composer, vocalist, violinist, 和生产者
  • 韦斯顿Sprott, dean of the Juilliard 准备部门 and Metropolitan Opera Orchestra trombonist
  • 何塞·安东尼奥·巴尔加斯, 记者、电影制作人、制片人和人权倡导者
  • Camille Zamora (MM ’02, voice, 艺术家文凭 ’04, opera studies), 女高音歌唱家,“为希望而唱”联合创始人,美高梅官方网站app理事




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